Rabu, 17 Mac 2010

Why I love Levi’s®?

Why I love Levi’s®?

The Levi’s® feel so good, so nice and very important is very comfortable and suitable for me to wear it at anytime, anywhere that I like. It always makes me so confidents and full of energy burst out of my soul.

I am happy go lucky girl. Always smile and laugh. Make me happy always, so cheerful and confident beyond anyone. Feel so young and energetic. That what I feeling about me. So, for me, Levi’s® jeans is the best thing I have wear in my life.

As you all know, Levi’s® is the most popular brands in the world especially in Malaysia. Lot of people love to wear this jeans. They use jeans as their daily clothes everyday including myself. I love to wear it everyday , when I went out hanging around, or stay at home, my choice dressed up must be jeans, Levi’s® brand of course. It will be my top priority brand.

Created in 1873, Levi’s® jeans are the original, authentic jeans. They are the most successful, widely recognized and often imitated clothing products in the history of apparel. Over successive generations, Levi’s® jeans have captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of diverse individuals including me.

As the inventor of this category, the Levi’s® brand continues to define jeans wear with the widest range of products available, from quintessential classics such as the famous Levi’s 501® original jean that one of my favorite jeans, to favorite fits and styles in the Red Tab and premium collections.

Levi’s® creator has a long history. Founded in 1853 by Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss, Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world's largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 110 countries. There is no other company with a comparable global presence in the jeans and casual pants markets. Their market-leading apparel products are sold under the Levi's®, Dockers® and Levi Strauss Signature® brands.

In Levi Strauss & Co. have a good social responsibility. Their social awareness and corporate responsibility are deeply woven into the fabric of Levi’s jeans. Since 1983, it has been the common thread that ties them to the global community. Their corporate citizenship is grounded in four core values such as Empathy, that mean walking in other people’s shoes, Originality, being authentic and innovative, Integrity, that doing something right, and Courage, means that standing up for what they believe. They also continued their role as a corporate citizen through responsibility supply chain policies and initiatives that uphold worker’s rights, involvement in HIV/ AIDS awareness and prevention, nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace, and community involvement that contributes to positive social change.

Levi Strauss & Co. is privately held by descendants of the family of Levi Strauss. Shares of company stock are not publicly traded. Shares of Levi Strauss Japan K.K., their Japanese affiliate, are publicly traded in Japan.

For me, these brands so awesome and marvelous to teenager like me and my friends. People will look at me while I dress up with jeans and shirt. So cool and feminine. I can do lot of activities even though I wearing jeans because it so comfortable and tough enough for heavy duties or extreme activities. I like it. I has 4 pairs of Levi’s ® jeans. The cost for each jean took RM 150.00. I will save my lunch money just want to but my favorite’s jeans. It took me one month to achieve it. It hard but I love it. I love my jeans, especially Levi’s brand. Lot of my friends wears jeans to class. The brand that they always used is Levi’s. It shows that Levi’s brand is popular that other brand in market right now. Event my lectures always talk about it. They love it. So do I.

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