Rabu, 3 Februari 2010

From the inside =)

Beauty but skin deep: everyone could possibly know the definition of being beautiful not only in the outside but also within the inside. However, I can reasonably agree that not all people realise the importance of being beautiful and kind. When Miss Hamimda Agil gave me the task of writing about myself, I kept thinking what are my best quality that I could brag (I know it's not a good word though) about to people. This post is actually giving me the opportunity to evaluate myself and convince other people that I have the ability to write the most informative (I wish) blog that i could think of.

Yes, I could say that I write with my conscience and maybe some experiences but I also referred to other well known blogger's blogs so that I don't write something that could be identify as myth or that would affect my credibility. I will do my research from any sources before I write something just to make sure that my blog is also the place for people to find information on the web. That is why I included links for people to other informative sources. Such as Mahathir's blog, Kenny Chia's blog and so on. I also put links to other blog that provide tips in buying online products such as Kaki Shoping's blog that provide information on how to become a smartshopper and also give review about other online Shopping's blog. This will eventually avoid the readers and other online shoppers to be victim of online shopping.

My blog could be easily accessible and I will make sure to update my informations that being post. My blog title reflects my principle that love should be the integral element in our life as Myamor could be defined as my love in Mexico.

I am glad that I am a broadcast student, so I could write informations on broadcasting even though I don't have in depth knowledge about broadcasting. I could give people the basic idea about broadcasting in a way that could be understandable by other people. For an example I can post about on how a filmmaker make videoclip, how to handle a talkshow or other big event ( since my friends and I already handle an event of Pelancaran Buku Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah UiTM that have been launched by our ex-Vice Cansellor Tan Sri Dato' Sri Prof. Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah) and other knowledge about broadcasting. Well I can say that broadcasting do bring various of knowledge because since I'm in semester 1, I have learned various of subject relating to broadcasting.

Lastly, I do hope this blog will meet your needs of informations of various knowledge to you reads. Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes that arise from this post. That's it for now. Assalamualaikum.

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